CCAS Alumnus Launches Dating App with a Twist

What are the chances that two people who were meant to be together actually meet? Thanks to Perchance, a new app developed by Dave Gottesmann, CCAS BA ’03, the odds of such an occurrence have just gone up. “Perchance is a mobile app that offers users a second chance at reconnecting with someone they may have shared a passing moment with,” says Dave of his joint venture with cofounder Josh Baker. “Using GPS, Perchance locates other users who are in the immediate vicinity shortly after a chance meeting occurs.” Once two users confirm a connection, they can choose to arrange a time and place to meet—this time, on purpose.

Sometimes, fate needs a little help.

Dave and Josh both came to this conclusion one day as they were lamenting how many ‘almost’ connections felt like missed opportunities and how often they asked themselves, “what if?” “We found out that hundreds of others—and even thousands—were having the same problem, so we started Perchance,” says Dave.

Here’s how it works. Jamie passes Morgan on a street. Something clicks. Jamie whips out phone, checks Perchance for nearby users. Morgan shows up on map. Jamie sends Morgan an alert. After that, they both get to decide if, when, and where to get together.

Still in start-up mode, Dave and Josh are raising seed money for Perchance on WeFunder to conduct a test in the South Florida market. “When we first started, it was much more difficult to explain what we were trying to achieve,” says Dave. “Now, we’re getting calls to work with people who believe in our vision of reconnecting as many people as possible. Our videos, social media, and crowdfund have played a huge part in educating people about what we can do for Perchance users.”

This momentum can be largely attributed to Dave’s passion, his leadership skills, and his dedication to stewarding the concept to market. “I’m an experienced entrepreneur,” he says, “and that definitely helps.” He credits his time at GW for inspiring him to choose the entrepreneurial path: “I met so many people with bright minds at GW. Specifically, I was touched by Professor (William) Chambliss, who did some amazing, daring things to get his work done. His ambition and motivation played a factor in my dreams of becoming successful as an entrepreneur.”

Dave’s mission is to get the app in the hands of millions of single people around the country who want to turn “the one that got away” into “the one.” —Mary Follin

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