Colonial Love Q&A: Robert & Nancy Gordon-Michaels

Thanks to Robert  Michaels, CCAS BA ’74, and Nancy Gordon-Michaels, CCAS BA ’74, for sharing their story with us!

Where did you meet on campus? Thurston Hall

What were your first impressions of each other? Nancy’s first impression of me was my bushy full hair (which I no longer have).

What only-at-GW moment did you share as a couple? Our only-at-GW moment was that most of our dates ended with a visit to the Rathskeller at the top of the Marvin Center and a visit to the game room next to it for a go at the pinball machines and Pong.

Tell us about your last visit to GW together or how GW has remained important in your life. Our last visit to GW was at alumni weekend about two years ago. We went back to Thurston and went into our old rooms. We still keep in touch with some of our old GW roommates. It was an important time in our lives.


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