Colonial Love Q & A: Charles & Anita

Thanks to Anita Singh, CCAS BA ’09, and Charles Cain, ESIA BA ’09, for sharing their story!

Where did you meet on campus? Charles and I met on the first day of our freshmen year in Monroe Hall in Spanish class. Charles even remembered that our professor’s name was Professor Castillo-Lao!

What were your first impressions of each other?  Charles: She was one of the first women I met at GW, so the first thought that popped into my head was “I wonder if we’ll get married.” Anita: I remember thinking “Why is he wearing a military uniform so early in the morning?” Turns out, Charles had to wear his ROTC whites every Friday.  

What only-at-GW moment did you share as a couple? One of the most memorable #onlyatGW moments for us that we shared as a couple was running to the White House on Election Night 2008 to celebrate Barack Obama’s election with our classmates.

Tell us about your last visit to GW together or how GW has remained important in your life. Whenever we visit GW, we always stop by GW Deli together to get our favorite breakfast sandwiches! GW continues to be important in our lives because it instilled in us a love of service. No matter how busy we are, we always make time to give back to our community in a variety of different ways. We are so excited to share this GW value with our son!

Anything else you want to share? I (Anita) recently earned my doctorate in education with a focus on higher education from University of Southern California.

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