Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Colonials around the world celebrated George Washington's birthday on February
Colonials around the world celebrated George Washington’s birthday this February. (Photo courtesy of GW Alumni in Thailand)

George Washington was born on Feb. 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. For the past six years, GW alumni have honored their namesake with worldwide celebrations known as George’s Birthday Bashes. More than 1,100 alumni participated in this year’s events.

“The San Antonio Alumni Network is very proud to have started the tradition of George’s Birthday Bash celebration in 2010.” said Jim Eskin, ESIA BA ’75. “It was the first alumni event held in our area in memory, and was a huge success with more than 40 alumni joining us. It continues as the centerpiece of our programming.”

This year 32 domestic and 26 international birthday parties took place, including two first-time events in Malaysia and Turkey. Celebrations vary by city, and can range from lunches to happy hours to supporting GW Men’s Basketball on the road. Every event – mostly alumni planned – encourages participants to wear their buff and blue to show GW pride.

Internationally, GW parents are also invited to join in the festivities as a way to build the Colonial community abroad. Martha Santolamazza, a GW parent of two, added, “Having events with both alumni and parents allows us to observe how much pride the alumni feel as part of the GW community. People from different ages share experiences and ideas of what is going on not only in GW but also in other countries.”

South Florida Alumni Network committee co-chair Jason B. Blank, CCAS BA ’02, summed the importance of these events up well when he said, “Not only does everyone feel a direct tie back to GW and George himself, but it is a fun celebration where alumni new and old can meet, share stories about their time on campus, and Raise High together.”


View, like, and share photos from this year’s Birthday Bashes on the GW Alumni Facebook page.

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Hi Joan – We do not have an event planned for Orlando; the only Florida we have planned is in Hallandale. More information will be available in the next few weeks.

Thank you for asking!

Sounds great! How about asking how many loyal Colonials – like me – were also born on February 22nd. In fact, I also received my acceptance letter to GW on my (George Washington’s) birthday!

Congratulations, Travis! We don’t have any George’s Birthday events planned near Tampa, but visit our website (http://alumni.gwu.edu/) and check out the event calendar for other events.

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