Athletic Alums Offer “Impossible to Miss” Advertising Platform

Left to right: Alumni entrepreneurs and former GW athletes Tim Johnson and Danny Brooker are the founders of Ezpeezy Advertising.
Left to right: Alumni entrepreneurs and former GW athletes Tim Johnson and Danny Brooker are the founders of Ezpeezy Advertising.

Have you ever noticed an advertisement in an unusual location and thought it was a brilliant marketing strategy?

That strategy is what drives Ezpeezy Advertising, a DC-based urban indoor advertising company that provides companies the opportunity to target and reach their audiences in uninterrupted environments.

Founded by Danny Brooker, GWSB BBA ’08 and Tim Johnson, GWSB BBA ’08, Ezpeezy displays full page framed advertisements in places that are, as they put it, “quite literally impossible to miss.”

With locations ranging from restrooms and locker rooms, to elevators and waiting areas in highly trafficked establishments (think gyms, yoga studios, bars, restaurants and movie theaters), thousands of people not only see the ads, but also read and react to them every day.

“We wanted to offer companies a way reach their exact target audience for long enough to get the message across,” says Brooker. “We knew there had to be a better way than what traditional forms of advertising had to offer.”

Which is why, about 18 months ago, he and Johnson founded Ezpeezy. The two already knew they could work together—while at GW, they both played for and captained the golf team. They were even recruited to GW at the same time, and were friends throughout their undergrad years.

After graduation, both Brooker and Johnson were working in real estate, but found themselves wanting more.  Brooker knew that indoor advertising was a big industry in his native England, but he hadn’t seen much of it in the US.

So he and Johnson decided to change that.

The two created a business plan and a budget and set off to get the word out. “We started going out to gyms, bars and other highly trafficked locations where we wanted to display our advertising frames. We began partnering with these venues and before we knew it, we had 200 frames up in the first few months,” remembers Brooker.

Several of Ezpeezy's advertising frames are displayed in a restroom.
Several of Ezpeezy’s advertising frames are displayed in a restroom.

Once their platform was established, Ezpeezy began selling ad space and have since started working with clients in many different industries—including their old stomping grounds, GW’s Department of Athletics and Recreation.

With countless frames displayed throughout DC and Maryland, Ezpeezy is now thriving—and with good reason.

“We offer one of the only forms of advertising that people can’t throw out, ignore, delete from their inbox or even look away from; you literally have no choice but to read what’s in front of you. It’s quirky and different but the truth is, it works incredibly well,” Brooker explains.

And while Brooker and Johnson are enjoying their entrepreneurial transformation, Brooker says it comes down to hard work. and he credits GW for reinforcing his work ethic.

“Being a student athlete really made a difference. We had about 40 hours of practice per week, so we really had to prioritize. GW is a rigorous school, and I had to work hard. Being surrounded by athletes—people who aren’t afraid to put in hard work—really helped,” he says.

Brooker continues to apply that work ethic to Ezpeezy: “I’m working harder now than ever before, but I wouldn’t trade it whatsoever!”

In addition to hard work, Brooker also stresses that it’s important for aspiring entrepreneurs to find a gap where their product or idea can add value.

“Do your research and take it slowly first, but if you find that gap, if you can make a difference,” he says, “don’t be afraid to go for it.”

—Intrigued? The next time you’re using a restroom or standing in an elevator, take note—there’s a good chance an Ezpeezy Advertising frame will be right in front of you!  And if you’re rethinking you’re advertising strategy, visit Ezpeezy for more information, and follow them for news and updates: Facebook | Twitter

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