2014 Alumni Valentines

It’s that time of year again—as Feb. 14 approaches, we’re excited to share our seventh annual “GW Alumni Valentines” feature!

Each of these couples has one thing in common: GW.  Find out how they met, how their lives have changed and why they still love being Colonials!


Amrith (Mago) Aakre,’03 & Johann Aakre, ’03

Although they were both SEAS students, it took a good friend—and a Valentine’s Day twist—to make these two (now a family of four!) a couple.


Matt Alderman, ’08 & Mario Sansalone, ’08
They first had to move to Seattle in order to hit it off, but was a mutual GW connection that brought these ’08 grads together.



Alyscia Eisen, ’08, ’10 & Paul Schuh, ’08
Teammates on the cheer team before becoming a couple, this dynamic duo is still going strong.



Rebecca Gibson-Wilkins, ’03 & Luke Wilkins, ’03
Both from small towns, Rebecca and Luke were drawn to GW for its charismatic urban campus. Six moves and 10+ years later, this couple is excited about their latest adventure.



250Luke Olsen, ’04 & Philippa (Castiaux) Olsen, ’04
Lab partners before they were a couple, Luke and Philippa have been together since their sophomore year—and now cheer on the Colonials with their daughter, Charlotte.



Casey Pierzchala, ’08, ’11 & Alex Winn, ’08, ’11
Dubbed strong candidates for “the title of Mr. and Mrs. Colonial for the Class of 2008” by a friend, Alex and Casey met during their freshman year and have been together ever since.


Gillian (Brody) Zachary, ’09 & Noah Zachary, ’09
Gillian and Noah both hail from GW Legacy families—so it’s no wonder that these newlyweds found each other at GW.



Do you have a GW love story? Submit it, along with a photo, to cable@gwu.edu—we’ll be publishing Alumni Valentines throughout the month of February!

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