Alumnus Publishes New Collection of Poems

Yahia Lababidi, CCAS BA ’96, an Egyptian-American poet, has published the book, Barely There (WIPF and STOCK).

Lababidi describes the book as “a collection of short poems, touching on the life of the spirit and, to a large extent, inspired by the constraints of Twitter.”

Lababidi was recently featured in a segment on National Public Radio, where he was asked to read a poem from Barely There, entitled “An Artist’s Story Of The Arab Spring.”

Lababidi is a Pushcart-nominated poet, whose work has been translated into nearly a dozen languages. He is the author of four other books, in four different genres: Signposts to Elsewhere (aphorisms), Trial by Ink: From Nietzsche to Bellydanc-ing (essays), Fever Dreams (poems) and most recently, The Artist as Mystic (conversations).

Barely There is available on

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