Alumni Duo Dubbed “New Indie-Pop Obsession”

Left to right: Louie Diller and Liz Nistico are the duo behind the band holychild. Photo courtesy holychild.

Have you ever had dreams of being a rock star? Meet two GW alumni who are on their way to hitting it big with their Indie-Pop group holychild.

Liz Nistico, ESIA BA ’11 and Louie Diller, ESIA BA ’12, met back in 2010 when Diller was an accompanist for Nistico’s dance class.

The two ended up writing and recording a few songs together using recording facilities at GW’s Mount Vernon Campus. They titled their project ‘holychild’ and have been making music together ever since.

holychild posted their first music video for “Watching Waiting” on YouTube in October 2012 and have since had over 115,000 views. Their second song, “Best Friends”, has reached over 120,000 since its release in March.

The band was recently featured by Billboard and named “your new Indie-Pop obsession.”

Nistico and Diller credit GW as an influence on their career path. Both believe their background in international affairs has driven their dreams of touring the world.

During her time at GW, Nistico studied abroad in Nepal and conducted anthropological research in New York. “Diving into different cultures, subjects and disciplines has really shaped my art,” she says.

For any aspiring musicians at GW, Nistico and Diller have some advice. Both agree that it takes a lot of time and effort to launch a music career.

“Try to enjoy every aspect of it,” Diller says, “since it is very much a non-linear path that mandates one to craft his or her own network, relationships and schedule out of thin air.”

–Veronica Brown, ESIA BA ’12, GSPM MPS ’15

To learn more about holychild, visit their website or follow them on Twitter: @holychildjams

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