Alumna Pens Children’s Book about Diwali

Sana Hoda Sood, ESIA MA '06
Sana Sood, ESIA MA ’06

Sana (Hoda) Sood, ESIA MA ’06, recently published her first children’s book, “Diwali: A Cultural Adventure.”

The book tells the story of how the annual Indian festival Diwali came to be, what it signifies and how it’s celebrated today.  The book was illustrated by Sood’s mother, Rubina Hoda.

Sood, an Indian-American living in the Washington, DC area, grew up celebrating the diversity of India through festivals such as Diwali, Eid, and Holi, and her cultural roots and Indian traditions remain close to her heart.

As a new mother, Sood wanted her son to learn about these traditions as well.  While on maternity leave from her corporate career, she wrote “Diwali: A Cultural Adventure” to introduce her son, Aarish, to a vibrant aspect of his heritage.

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