Retired General/CCAS Alumnus Visits Joint Base

General James H.B. Peay, III, CCAS MA ’75, recently toured several training sites during the 2013 Leader Development and Assessment Course on June 14th at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State.

Peay is a retired four-star general who is currently the superintendent at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA.

At one point during his career, General Peay was stationed in Washington State with the 9th Infantry Division.  “It’s always…inspirational to see the way they mold together and the friendships they make and see the way they address various problems,” he said. “I think it’s exciting.”

During this visit, General Peay met with several senior leaders to discuss this year’s training regimen. He also traveled to several training sites to observe Reserve Officer’s Training Corps Cadets completing the training.

General Peay provided advice for man of the cadets, saying, “Take advantage of all the opportunities that you have here, learning is obviously very important, but the friendships and relationships you make here carry forth for a lifetime.”



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