Class of 2008 Spotlight: Jessica Brown, GWSB BBA ’08

As Alumni Weekend 2013 approaches, we want to highlight members of this year’s reunion classes. The class of 2008 will be celebrating their 5 year reunion – read on to learn more about an ‘08 Colonial with unique memories of her time at GW!

Jessica Brown, GWSB BBA ‘08, certainly can’t be described as lacking dedication. During her time in Foggy Bottom, she majored in Business Administration with a dual concentration in Marketing and International Business.

In addition to her studies and various internships, Brown was also a member of the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity, GW Women in Business, and The Ad Club.

Brown says that some of her best memories of college were taking advantage of GW’s “extended campus” – going on midnight monument walks, meeting the D.C. elite, and making amazing connections.

“While you might not get the “typical” college experience at GW, I know from personal experience the importance of “only at GW” opportunities,” says Brown.

One of Brown’s favorite “only at GW” moments was nights spent hiding from University Police (UPD), though only for academic reasons!

Brown took part in the American Advertising Federation National Student Advertising Competition, through The Ad Club and Professor Lynda Maddox’s Advanced Advertising class. She her teammates needed a room in Duques Hall where they could project their presentation at all hours of the night—so they stealthy evaded UPD in order to prepare for the competition.

“While it was the hardest semester of my life, we got a real-world taste of what it takes to make a winning advertising campaign and pitch it to real-world clients,” Brown says.

Brown and her team’s hard work (and hiding from UPD) paid off – they won first place in their district and a subsequent trip to Nationals post-graduation.

After graduation, Brown moved to North Carolina where she worked in advertising and served on the board of the American Advertising Federation in Raleigh-Durham.

Brown worked with brands including Coldwell Banker, Lenovo, and The Coalition to Unchain Dogs on a number of award-winning advertising campaigns and website redesigns.

These days, Brown is living in Boston and working as an Account Supervisor at Hill Holliday on Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Five years after graduation, Brown looks back fondly on her time at GW. There are so many great memories!” she says.

This article was contributed by Molly Nelson, CCAS BA ’08.

If you’re in the class of 2008, or any other of this year’s reunion classes, be sure to join in the fun at Alumni Weekend 2013! For more information on Alumni Weekend reunion committees, visit our website

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