CCAS Alumna Helps Children Around the World

Have you ever wanted to change the world? Alumna Sara Ortega Roliz, CCAS  BA ‘03, is doing just that by helping one child at a time with the Mira Scholars Foundation.

Established by Roliz in 2009, Mira Scholars provides educational opportunities to underprivileged and exploited children around the world.

The idea for the program came from a casual conversation Roliz had with her colleagues while working with an adult education program in Ghana.

Since its founding, the program has helped more than 800 children. Through fundraising efforts, Roliz and her team have provided new school uniforms, furnished computer labs, and helped disabled children receive vocational training,

Roliz credits her time at GW for playing a role in her founding Mira Scholars. Having roommates who were international affairs majors, and a best friend from Morocco, opened Roliz’s eyes to the global community.  She also attended numerous cultural events on campus, such as the intercollegiate dance competition, Bhangra Blowout.

“I felt so inspired to see more outside of the US, and do more for the international community than I ever thought I could,” says Roliz.

Roliz also credits her Columbian College education as a big factor in her success.  Her degree in liberal arts exposed Roliz to many different areas of study, including math, science and art, giving her a great jumping-off point for life after college.

“My GW degree opened the door to graduate school as well as the professional world,” Roliz explains.

Current GW students may be wondering how they can find success similar to Roliz’s.

Her advice? “Join everything and study abroad!”

Roliz also urges students to take advantage of DC’s robust internship offerings. For those interested in international aid and development, Roliz suggests seeking organizations with support for refugees, or to work for an embassy or consulate.

“There is so much to take in and great networks awaiting you, but only if you start trekking!” says Roliz.

To learn more about the Mira Scholars Foundation, visit their website.

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