Top 5 Things the Class of 2013 will miss about GW, and How GW Alumni can Help

As the class of 2013 enjoys their last week of undergraduate life, we want to highlight the top five things we think they’ll miss about GW—and what the GW Alumni Association can do to help!

What you’ll miss: Taking a random class to fulfill a requirement.
You’ll miss that time you took the course that was not even slightly related to what you want to do in life, but learned a lot. We took a biological anthropology course to fulfill a science credit, and while we still can’t spot the difference between a human femur and a chimp femur, we can tell you what makes Capuchin monkeys awesome.

How GW Alumni can help: After your degree clears, you can audit almost any course for 125 bucks.

What you’ll miss: Gelman
It might not seem like it now, but yes, you will actually miss hours upon hours spent in overheated study rooms. It might take a few years, but you’ll one day look back fondly on it. Trust us.

How GW Alumni can help: Your alumni GWorld card gives you access to the library, so you can visit your favorite study room (we were always fond of 410).

What you’ll miss: GWorld Money
Remember that one time around final exams fall semester where you remembered you had $1.27 of GWorld money left—just enough to get you that next Diet Coke? Yeah, there is no GWorld money after graduation.

How GW Alumni can help: We have Diet Coke at lots of our events!

What you’ll miss: Olemond, the nice guy in package services that remembers everyone’s name.
He made you feel like he had been waiting all day just for you to walk in to get your package.

How GW Alumni can help: Not much. There’s no replacing this guy.

What you’ll miss: McFadden’s followed by Manouche
Remember all those nights at McFadden’s followed by a Manouche dog? Yeah neither do we…or it’s a bit hazy. Regardless, you’ll miss a good McFadden’s happy hour followed by a hotdog that tastes like butane.

How GW Alumni can help:  We do have happy hours all over the world, and when you return to campus for Alumni Weekend 2013, you can always get a Manouche dog. (Plus, once you are on the McFadden’s listserv, you are always on the McFadden’s listserv. Seriously. We know of 26 year-olds living in California still getting text alerts about happy hours).

These are just the top 5 things you’ll miss about GW, and GW will miss you, but now the real fun starts—you’re an alum! 

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