Students Say “Thank You” at Alumni & Philanthropy Day

Every year, countless GW students are able to attend the university thanks, in part, to the generosity of alumni donors.  And in April, those students had a chance to say “thanks.”

GW held its first annual Alumni & Philanthropy Day on Tuesday, April 9th.  More than 600 students wrote thank you notes to alumni donors and spoke to volunteers and GW about the impact this philanthropy has had on their GW experience. Both GW students and staff were on hand to supply note cards, encouragement and cupcakes.

“Without you,” one student wrote, “I would never be able to attend GW.”

Through financial donations, alumni help provide scholarships to countless students. Alumni also donate their time as volunteers, mentors and providers of internships.

The event, held on Kogan Plaza, was hosted by members of the Colonial Ambassadors and the 2013 Senior Class Gift Committee, and cosponsored by the Division of Development and Alumni Relations.

“Philanthropy Day was a huge success, and not just because of the cupcakes,” said current student and Colonial Ambassador Maddison Bruer, ESIA BA ’15. “I am amazed everyday by my fellow students for their knowledge and appreciation of philanthropy, and I believe continuing to foster this awareness is crucial for continuing the GW mission.”

Throughout the day, students stopped by to write notes, take photographs and celebrate the spirit of GW. The notes were then delivered to alumni donors throughout the month of April.

“Alumni are always looking for a way to give back to get involved with current students, “said Leanne Aurich, GSEHD MA ’13, coordinator for student-alumni programs at GW. “It was wonderful to see how many students wanted a chance to thank alumni for everything they do for the GW community.”

Want to know more? Watch a quick recap of the event, and meet some of the students who plan to “pay it forward” when they become alumni, so they can help future generations of GW students!



And don’t forget – The GW High5 Challenge is open until May 10 – don’t miss your chance to support one of the five finalists by giving a gift to one of their funds!

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