Rejuvinating the Colonial Ambassadors

Members of the 2012-2013 Colonial Ambassadors
Members of the 2012-2013 Colonial Ambassadors

A little under a year ago, the Office of Alumni Relations rejuvenated the Colonial Ambassador Program from the 90’s as a part of a new branch of the student-alumni initiatives.

The program consists of a select group of undergraduate students who are dedicated to bridging the gap between current students and alumni.  The ambassadors are clustered into different committees such as alumni relations, community building, traditions and school spirit and public relations and recruitment.  Under these committees, the ambassadors are able to promote and preserve GW traditions and encourage a spirit of philanthropy.

The first round of ambassadors was selected in October 2012. The group came from many different schools, years and locations, creating a diverse group that represented each aspect of the student body.  All ambassadors are involved in numerous student organizations and serve as leaders on campus.

In the past academic year, the ambassadors have taken part in many on-and-off campus events, including GW Alumni Association meetings, where they provide alumni a glimpse into what campus life is like now.  The ambassadors also spent hours preparing for the annual George’s Birthday Bonfire, packing s’mores for students to roast, as well as serving as MCs for the event.

One of the most exciting events is one that the ambassadors had a huge hand in planning and executing: Deeds not Words, A Student-Alumni Day of Service. Planning started late fall, and the event was held on March 3rd.  During the event, alumni and students were able to join together and give back to the community at different locations and non-profits around DC.

Later in the spring, Ambassadors helped out with Alumni & Philanthropy Day, where students wrote letters thanking alumni for their donations to GW and specific programs.  In return, students grabbed a delicious Georgetown Cupcake as well as a special GW t-shirt.

In addition to these events, the Colonial Ambassadors were welcomed at other events off campus, including the annual DC Presidential Reception.

A new class of ambassadors was just welcomed in for the 2013-2014 school year, and they all look forward to a year of connecting students with alumni, and more!  To keep up with the ambassadors, you can like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and on Instagram under the handle: gwcolonialambassadors.

Katherine (Kate) Pena is a rising senior in GW’s School of Business and a member of the Colonial Ambassadors.

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