Matt Rhoades, CCAS MA ’99, Tim Miller, CCAS BA ’04 & Joseph Pounder, ESIA BA ’05

Matt Rhoades, CCAS MA ’99, is spearheading a business venture to launch a new conservative candidate research and tracking firm called America Rising. He is joined on his leadership team by Tim Miller, CCAS BA ’04 and Joseph Pounder, ESIA BA ’05.

America Rising will be organized into two components that utilize research, candidate tracking, rapid response, and digital tools to keep track of the statements and positions of potential political opponents. The first part of the firm, as a Super PAC, will focus on digital campaigns and advertisements in the news media while the second half will serve as a limited liability corporation that can coordinate directly with campaigns and political committees. America Rising is intended to be the conservative counterweight to the liberal candidate research firm, American Bridge.

Rhoades, the former campaign manager for Governor Mitt Romney, earned his reputation in the Republican Party as an opposition research specialist who also worked with the RNC. Miller recently served as the National Press Secretary for Governor Jon Huntsman’s campaign and has experience on the communications team of the Republican National Convention. There, he served with Pounder before they both began to focus on America Rising. Read the full article at CNN Politics.

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