Kristen Mallia, CCAS BA ’03

Kristen Mallia, CCAS BA ’03, is co-creating a reality documentary series called LAUNCH that aims to create jobs and educate Boston’s creative community on entrepreneurship. The 12 part series will document Mallia’s efforts to take the talents of four creative professionals and help transform them into self-sustaining small businesses.

Aside from job creation, the ultimate goal of Mallia, who started her own business as a graphic designer one year ago, is to make LAUNCH a resource to creative professionals who may feel like they lack the business savvy to start their own businesses. The series will focus on an artist management company, a freelance graphic designer, a DJ, and a real estate agent all looking to start or solidify businesses in the New England area. LAUNCH will also include interviews with creative professionals who have found success in the business world from Grammy winning artists to television personalities. Mallia and her co-creator have already been approached by three major networks with interest in the series. Learn more about LAUNCH at

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