Juan Manuel Henao, ESIA BA ’01

Juan Manuel Henao, ESIA BA ’01, has been named Deputy Head of Mission of the Falkland Islands Referendum Observation Mission.

As an impartial group of independent, international observers, Referendum International Observation Mission (RIOM)/Mission International de Observación del Referendo (MIOR), will monitor the upcoming Referendum to be held in the Falkland Islands on March 10th and 11th, 2013. The team will, free from external pressure, determine whether the vote is free, fair and representative of Islanders’ will.

The RIOM/MIOR mission will be lead by Henao and his colleague, Brad Smith, Head of Mission. Their team will include a number of elected officials, civil society leaders, technical experts and eminent persons from the Americas and the South Pacific. International observation standards will be observed, as well as applicable Falkland Islands election laws and regulations. A final Referendum Report is expected two weeks after the vote.


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