Valentines: Daniel Tobias & Jillian Tobias

Before they ever met, Jillian (McKnight) Tobias, CCAS/SMPA BA ’05, and Daniel Tobias, CCAS BS/ESIA BA ’04, had something in common – they were drawn to GW for their interests in politics and political science.

They had no way of knowing how far they’d go—literally—by choosing GW.

The couple first met during the 2002 spring semester, when Jillian rushed Phi Sigma Pi, an honors fraternity, of which Daniel (known as Danny to friends) was also a member.

“We hit it off right away and discovered that we had a number of friends in common,” says Jillian.

Both Jillian and Danny were dating other people at the time, so the two were just friends at first. By the end of that semester, however, they were a couple.

“On our first date, we got caught in the rain on our way back from a Thai restaurant on L Street,” Jillian recalls.

They shared many other experiences at GW, including sneaking giant sodas from Big Burger into the Gelman Library during late night study sessions, and exploring DC together.

After graduation, the couple, who were married on Nov. 11, 2006, stayed in DC until 2009. Danny worked in management consulting for IBM while Jillian worked for the Department of Justice

And then, it was time for a change. After years of extensive planning and saving, the couple left DC to travel around the world, an idea they hatched during Danny’s senior year at GW.

Over the course of 21 months, Jillian and Danny explored 50 countries and ancient overland routes like Cape Town to Cairo and Istanbul to Beijing. They documented their travels on a blog, i should log off, so that family and friends could keep up as they crisscrossed the globe.  The blog now serves as a travel site for others planning around-the-world adventures.

After nearly two years abroad, the couple returned to the U.S. and settled in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Danny is now in wealth management and Jillian runs her own social media marketing business.

From study sessions at Gelman to border crossings in Africa, Danny and Jillian have gone through some of life’s pivotal experiences together—as well as some that many people can’t imagine.

“Our partnership and relationship grows stronger every year, “ says Jillian. “I’m excited to see what new adventure each year brings!”

Even though they’re no longer in DC, GW will always hold a special place in their minds and hearts.

“Had we gone to school anywhere else,” they explain, “we would never have taken that trip!”

Danny and Jillian have two more reasons to love GW—they’re expecting twins in June.

The couple couldn’t be happier about doubling their family of traveling Colonials. “We’re so excited,” says Jillian.  “The first thing we’re going to do is apply for their passports!”


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