J. Grigsby Crawford, CCAS BA ’08

J. Grigsby Crawford, CCAS BA ’08, has published his first book, The Gringo: A Memoir, which chronicles his life as a Peace Corps volunteer in South America. Shortly after arriving in Ecuador, Crawford narrowly escaped an abduction attempt orchestrated by the people he was sent there to help. Chevy Chase has called The Gringo a “must read” from a “talented new writer.” New York Times best-selling author of The Unheard, Josh Swiller, says, “Often sardonic, occasionally romantic, and always vivid, The Gringo is a sobering record of this world’s complexity—and, in its honesty, a heartening one, too.” Crawford lives and works in Washington, DC. His writing has been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, and blogs, covering everything from politics to sports. For more information about the book, visit Crawford’s website.

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