In Memoriam: Remembering Julia Borbon Urbina, CCAS BA ‘09

Julia Borbon Urbina

The following tribute was written by friends and GW classmates of Julia Borbon Urbina. 

Life Lessons from Julia

This week, we lost our beautiful friend Julia Borbon Urbina; the champagne toast to lives of those who knew her, Julia was silly, quick witted, full of grace, rambunctious and lived each day with the ultimate joie de vivre. The George Washington University campus was the setting for many of our memories of Julia, whether it was dining on our GWorlds at the Thai Place, post-lecture lunches at Capitol Grounds reading aloud the “Savage Love” column of the City Paper, or zigzagging through campus late at night with UPD in hot pursuit. Whatever the memory, we can agree that they all solicit knee-slapping laughter.

We can strive to honor Julia’s memory by making the effort to pass through life with the same eclectic elegance that she did; in essence, channelling our “Inner-Julia”:

Be you: Julia was the ultimate combination of grace and goofiness.  Always donning pearl earrings, she was a resource for etiquette, knowledge of fancy foods and how to put together the perfect outfit. Always donning her trademark mischievous smile, however, she was also an unmatched resource for kitten and college humor videos, Hello Kitty paraphernalia and for doodling on any flat surface she get her hands on.

Laugh!: One thing we will all remember forever is Julia’s contagious laugh which could be as cute as the giggle of a new-born baby, or as maniacal as the cackle of an evil genius. This memory alone gives us strength to cope with this loss.

Speak honestly: Julia always shot straight from the hip, telling her friends exactly what she thought and never with a sugar coating. Deliberate and honest, we always knew where she stood, and always knew she had an opinion we could trust.

Nurture those you love: The consummate hostess, Julia would graciously greet and serve guests even at other people’s dorms. A party on heels, she danced at parties and sang even when no iPod was playing. She always wanted to make sure her friends were happy, and, most importantly, that we were well-fed!

Julia, we “laff u” more than words can say.

Written in loving memory by:

Eva Fowler, ESIA BA ‘09

Natalie Joseph

Conor Kilroy

Kirby Malk

Jill Terner, CCAS BA ‘09

Please visit Julia’s Facebook Page, created to honor her memory:


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