GW Legacy family: Three SEAS sisters

The Dumit Sisters: Muriel, Carine and Pascale (left to right).

Although the Dumit sisters have three different careers within the field of engineering, they all had the same starting point: degrees from GW’s School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS).

Pascale, the eldest, graduated in 2003 with a BS in electrical engineering and in 2005 with an MS in electrical engineering. Carine, the middle sister, graduated in 2005 with a BS in systems engineering and in 2007 with an MS in engineering management. And Muriel, the youngest, graduated in 2009 with a BS in civil engineering and in 2011 with an MS in environmental engineering.

Their interest in engineering was cultivated throughout their childhood.

“We grew up with [both] a ‘can do’ attitude and engineering running in our family,” says Pascale. “We also felt that engineering would give us highly portable skills and we would be well equipped to steer our career in any direction we wanted.”

So when it came time to choose the right school to begin their careers, there was only one choice for the trio: GW.

The sisters feel that GW presented “the perfect environment” for their studies and that “having an engineering school in a very dynamic and diverse environment really opens your eyes to the world around you.”

After completing their undergraduate degrees, Pascale and Carine were chosen as Presidential Administrative Fellows, a professional development program for high-achieving GW seniors. The fellows are able to pursue a master’s degree while working with the GW community. The program “enabled us to gain meaningful experiences, act as agents of change, and help advance strategic university initiatives,” says Carine.

The sisters have translated all of their GW experiences and education into meaningful engineering careers.

Pascale works in the telecom industry at ITT Exelis, providing spectrum management support for federal agencies with a focus on international regulations. Carine is an energy consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. She assists clients with the development of financial analyses and due diligence review to facilitate the execution of large-scale renewable energy projects. Muriel’s work is in process engineering within the water sector at Greely and Hansen, supporting clients with integrating new technologies and infrastructure to improve processes, costs and the environmental impact of treating water.

While the sisters have GW in common, they came to the university with different visions and aspirations: “Each of one us experienced GW in her own way.” And all three continue to stay connected to the university through the Engineering Alumni Association and SEAS alumni activities.

Looking towards the future, they plan to work on projects they’re passionate about, so they can “make a difference and positively impact our environment.”

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