Chia-Pin Chang, SEAS MS ’03, Phd ’11

Chia-Pin Chang, SEAS MS ’03, Phd ’11, and David J. Nagel with their device that measures the concentration of uric acid in a person’s body, last November.

Chia-Pin Chang, SEAS MS ’03, Phd ’11, was profiled by the Washington Post‘s Capital Business section on July 15 for his work as the co-founder of OptoBioSense, a spin off company from his work as a GW student.

Chang was praised for his perseverance and dedication to his company and its research in spite of having lived in Singapore since March.  Chang and his OptoBioSense co-founder, GW Professor David Nagel, are currently in the process of securing funding to conduct further research and develop their technology.

Read the full article in the Washington Post.




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