Alumna’s GW connection goes coast to coast

Adina Hirsch
Adina Hirsch
Adina Hirsch poses with her alumni brick in University Yard.

Adina Hirsch’s first job out of college was a dream position with the United States Agency for International Development.

“I would have never known how to apply for such a position had it not been for a GW alumna I met through my sorority. She was a hiring manager and encouraged me to apply,” says Hirsch, ESIA BA ’08. “Once I secured a position at the agency, the following year I was able to help two fellow Colonials get positions as well.”

Even before she became a Colonial, Hirsch felt the power of GW connections. She always wanted to attend GW because of the energy of the school and how it seamlessly fit into life in DC.

“I was particularly attracted to the Elliott School of International Affairs because of my passion for international development,” she says.

As a Latin American hemispheric studies major, she had the opportunity to take a class with a former diplomat with the State Department. She recalls the challenge and real life application of discussing issues with someone who could actually shape our foreign policy.

“Everything that I wanted out of a college experience I was able to get from GW. Not only was I able to collect amazing experiences while I studied at GW through fascinating professors, study abroad programs, fun extra-curricular activities, and internships that I found through GWork, but the relationships I developed through GW connected me to my first job with USAID, my closest friendships, and my loving boyfriend,” she notes.

And now her connection to GW has extended to the West Coast.

Hirsch, a marketing and sales associate at Northern Trust, lives in Los Angeles – as do more than 4,000 Colonials. When first navigating the city, she says she felt most comfortable and welcome at GW alumni events.

“I had immediate connections and shared interests with everyone in the room,” she adds. “Since establishing myself in the community, I have been able to use the GW alumni community to welcome fellow alumni to the city and help them broaden their local network.”

Hirsch, who serves as a Los Angeles Alumni Club committee member, reminds other alums: “Do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help and guidance now, but remember to leave your door open to help others when you are in a position to.”


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