GW at the 2012 RNC and DNC

GW at the RNC
Thursday, Aug. 30 | 12-2 pm

Few events bring as many politicos together as those held in late summer of election years: the Republican and Democratic national conventions.

Famous for their unrivaled social events, modern conventions have always been filled with GW alumni, and this year GW is hosting its own receptions at each convention to actively engage even more alumni at these important events. [Register at]

“These events further demonstrate the robust political engagement of GW alumni … It is important for GW to participate in events like this because anywhere you look in American politics, there you will find GW alumni,” says former GW trustee Omar Woodard, ESIA BA ’05, CCAS MPA ’07, a Democratic delegate from Pennsylvania, who will be hosting the reception in Charlotte on Tuesday, Sept. 4. “GW has an incredible story to tell about the important role it plays in educating the future of America’s political leadership,” he adds.

GW at the DNC
Tuesday, Sept. 4 |4-6 pm
Charlotte, N.C.

The Honorable Mark Kennedy, director of GW’s Graduate School of Political Management, who is hosting the reception in Tampa on Thursday, Aug. 30, agrees.

“As a school in the heart of our nation’s capital, all GW grads are infused with an understanding of the importance of political engagement,” says Kennedy, adding that national conventions represent a breather in the campaign cycle of 30-second TV ads and soundbites, where each party can debate and advocate positions in an intelligent manner. “It is important for GW and its alumni to be actively engaged at the conventions where party policies that will shape the future of the country are debated and espoused.”

Regardless of party, be sure you reserve your spot to mingle with GW political insiders at both conventions: