Discussing Cyber Security in Bethesda

On April 25th, over 400 GW alumni gathered at the Hyatt Regency in Bethesda, Maryland to meet with President Knapp, and hear a panel of GW experts discuss the future of cyber security. Here are some of the night’s most memorable quotes:


“We are willing to let Google and Facebook do whatever they want, but we draw the line if the Chinese want to do the same thing…transparency means that we should hold corporations to the same standards we hold other countries.”

— Doug Guthrie, Dean GW School of Business

“There has never been a more interesting time to teach privacy law than right now with the rise of Google and Faceook…The French have come up with the “right to be forgotten” which is the right to have pictures and information about yourself removed from the internet”

–Jeffery Rosen, Professor of Law and legal affairs editor of The New Republic 

“Cilluffo: We will never be in a position firewall our way out of the problem…we must demonstrate offensive measures.

Moderator: What is the US’ policy on cyber security?

Cilluffo: There is no policy on cyber security.”

–Frank Cilluffo, Associate Vice President & Director, Homeland Security Policy Institute




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