Surprise! Students Find Out They’re Going to GW-for Free

On March 22, nine students at eight District schools got the same happy news—that they received the GW-Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Scholarship, a four-year award worth more than $200,000 and covering tuition, room, board, books and fees.

“Nothing is more satisfying than to surprise an aspiring young student with a full scholarship,” said Dr. Knapp. “I look forward to welcoming these talented students to the GW community next fall.”

The recipients join 133 students who have received the high distinction since the program’s inception 23 years ago. Nominated through their high school counselors, the students are selected based on academic achievement, SAT score, recommendations, leadership qualities, community service, extracurricular activities and achievements as well as financial need. The graduation rate for the students in the program is nearly 90 percent, and GW has committed more than $16.5 million to the program since it started.

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