Orysia Paszczak Tracz, CCAS BA ’87

Orysia Paszczak Tracz, CCAS BA ’87, retired in September 2010 from collections management at University of Manitoba Libraries. She is a writer, researcher, lecturer and translator, specializing in things Ukrainian, especially ethnology.  She has translated seven books on Ukrainian costume and folk art from Ukrainian into English, with more to come.  She is working on her next project, a book on Ukrainian Christmas.  She has lectured in many cities across North America and in Ukraine. Orysia is also a columnist for The Ukrainian Weekly, an award-winning international newspaper published in New Jersey. She also leads an annual Folk Art and Culture Tour to Ukraine. She is the past president of Alpha Omega Alumnae of Winnipeg and a member of the International Holodomor Committee, and she has served on the Winnipeg Library Foundation Board for seven years.

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