George Felipe Dantas, GSEHD MA ’87, EDD ’98,

George Felipe Dantas

George Felipe Dantas, GSEHD MA ’87, EDD ’98, has been in Brazil for the past 10 years. As a consultant in the field of law enforcement education and training, his main activity has been the development and advancement of law enforcement intelligence man power and doctrine. He has accomplished the first step in this process with the dissemination of modern law enforcement intelligence doctrine and crime analysis. Next year, he will coordinate a major academic program in law enforcement intelligence and crime analysis offered nationwide by the University of Northern Paraná (Universidade do Norte do Paraná – Unopar) in Londrina, Paraná, and the Universa Foundation (Fundação Universa) in Brasília, Distrito Federal. He has consolidated his activities and themes throughout the country with contributions to the news media and professional literature.

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