Christopher Eve, CCAS AA ’48, BS ’50

Christopher EveChristopher Eve, CCAS AA ’48, BS ’50, turned 100 years old on Nov. 9. To mark the occasion, his wife, Frances, held a party on Nov. 20 at the Mayflower Hotel in D.C., which featured music by the Troubadours, GW’s oldest a cappella group. The couple, who reside in Myerstown, Penn., spent the week in Foggy Bottom, and prior to the party they toured campus and met with President Steven Knapp. Mr. Eve, who worked at the National Institutes of Health for 50 years as a scientist before retiring in 1990, remembers taking courses with GW professors Edward Teller, who was known as the father of the hydrogen bomb, and George Gamow, who also was a well-known author and nuclear physicist. Mr. Eve says he attended GW because it challenged students to think differently, and his fond memories as a student have kept him connected to the university all these years.

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