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More 2015 Alumni Valentines!

More 2015 Alumni Valentines!

  Happy Valentine’s Day! Earlier this month we introduced you to five couples who met at or because of GW. Today, meet two more couples who were inspired to share their GW love stories. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥     Thanks to all the couples who shared their stories with us this year, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Alumni Valentines—Danny & Christina

Guns, Germs, and Steel…and Romance? Like the rise and fall of empires, some romances take longer than others. That was the case for Danny Hajjar, ESIA BA ’13, ESIA MA ’15, and Christina Ravelo, ESIA BA ’13. Danny and Christina first met during their freshman year at GW when they were in the same World

Alumni Valentines—Carole & Doug

Love can blossom even in the heart of winter—but a little hot chocolate at an iconic GW date spot to warm up first never hurt. Carole Jacobson Rawson, CCAS BA ’78, and Doug Rawson, CCAS BA ’76, met 40 years ago this winter at a Saturday night party before the start of the spring semester

Danny and McKenzie

Alumni Valentines — Danny and McKenzie

Having spent four years as good friends and fellow athletes, Danny Brooker, GWSB BBA ‘08 and McKenzie Parrack, ESIA BA ‘08 apparently needed to get off the GW campus to discover they had something more. Way off. It wasn’t until they were paired up on the same team during a post-graduation trip to Spain that

2015 Alumni Valentines

It may be chilly here on the Foggy Bottom campus, but our hearts are warmed by these Colonial love stories! All of these Colonial couples have one thing in common — GW! Got an alumni valentine to share? Email your story to cable@gwu.edu, or simply tell us your love story in the comments below! We’ll be

Brian and Hannah

Alumni Valentines — Brian & Hannah

Two strangers sat (side-by-side, perhaps?) in Professor Denysenko’s comparative religion class during their freshman year at GW. But they didn’t actually meet until one was in law school and the other was a senior. As fate would have it, Brian Herman, CCAS BA ’10, JD ’13 and Hannah Ziegler, GWSPH BS ’11 were finally introduced

Alumni Valentines — Kristen & Dan

What happens when a golfer meets a gymnast? In Dan Mirabella, BBA ’06 and Kristen Simpson’s, BBA ’09 case, sparks flew. As part of the GW athletic ‘family,’ these two were bound to meet, but it took a year or so before they began to date. Between studies, tournaments and competitions, it wasn’t easy finding time to

Joshua and Elissa

Alumni Valentines — Joshua & Elissa

Thank goodness for co-ed dorms, or Joshua Schwartz, SEAS BS ’85 and Elissa Schwartz, CCAS BA ‘86 might never have met. As first and second year students at GW, Elissa and Josh lived across from each other in Thurston Hall. Josh was in engineering and Elissa was a political science major, so if it weren’t for their close

Brandon and Liz

Alumni Valentines — Brandon & Liz

A bleeding foot and a broken finger. Romantic? You bet. Not long after Brandon Gillette, CCAS BS ’10 was introduced to Liz Moult, BBA ’09, they met up at McFadden’s where Brandon swept Lizoff her feet. “Literally,” Liz says. “My foot was bleeding and Brandon had to carry me back to the dorm.” Figuratively, too,