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Tom Stowell, GSEHD Cert. ’09

Tom Stowell, GSEHD Cert. ’09, director of GSEHD’s Office of Career Services, was selected to receive the Carl D. Perkins Government Relations Award from the American Counseling Association. This award honors a member who has made a significant contribution to the counseling profession by influencing public policy at the state or national level. Stowell has

Jason A. Zimmerman, CCAS BA ’07

Jason A. Zimmerman, CCAS BA ’07, joined GrayRobinson, P.A. as an associate in the firm’s litigation practice. Zimmerman began his professional career as deputy blog director for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign where he was in charge of developing content on policy for the national blog page.  Zimmerman also served as a deputy of communications

Stephanie Leigh Batiste, CCAS MPHIL ’99, PhD ’03

Stephanie Leigh Batiste, CCAS MPHIL ’99, PhD ’03, published her first book, Darkening Mirrors: Imperial Representation in Depression Era African American Performance with Duke University Press. The project examines the complicated ways in which African Americans participated in American ideologies of cultural imperialism. Batiste is associate professor of Black Studies and English at the University of

Rebecca Schimmer Kirshner, CCAS BA ’01 & Benjamin Kirshner, GWSB BA ’00

Rebecca Schimmer Kirshner, CCAS BA ’01 & Benjamin Kirshner, GWSB BA ’00, welcomed their second daughter, Isabella Jade Kirshner on September 8, 2012.  Rebecca and Benjamin are also the proud parents of daughter Sydney Dale Kirshner, who will be three years old this October. Benjamin and Rebecca reside in Gladwyne, PA.  

Lucy Kafanov, CCAS BA ’05

Lucy Kafanov, CCAS BA ’05, has been nominated for an International Emmy Award for her work with Russia Today’s (RT) team of reporters covering the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Kafanov interviewed actor and director Mark Ruffalo at one of the protests as part of her coverage. The RT team is one of four nominees in

Michael Gargano, GSEHD EdD ’01

Michael Gargano, GSEHD EdD ’01, has been named vice president for academic, faculty and student affairs for the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Gargano was working with the Louisiana State University System where he served as vice president for student and academic support services and chief of staff. Gargano brings a