Colonial Soul Sisters Q & A: Felisa & MaryKay

Thanks to Felisa Kahn and MaryKay Canarte, CCAS BA ’92, for sharing their story with us!

Where did you meet on campus? I think first memories are in, of all things, chemistry class, lol!!

What only-at-GW moment did you share as friends? Celebrating the end of semester at Milos pizza place!! And then going for a run around the inspirational monuments!!!

Tell us about your last visit to GW together or how GW has remained important in your life. We have continued to push each other to balance out busy lives as lawyers and keep healthy and active by running, hiking, and yoga. I visit GW regularly since I visit an elderly 94 year old client at St Mary’s court which is adjacent to the campus.

Anything else you want to share? We are both so thankful to GW for bringing us together as friends and all the assistance we received to be able to attend such a fine school!

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