GW Mag Bonus Content: GW Alumni & 2U Aim to Disrupt Learning Curve

One of the best parts of interviewing GW alumni is hearing how passionate they are about their time at the university and the things they are accomplishing today. One of the hardest parts is not being able to include every thought, feeling, anecdote, or insight in the final story. This was especially the case when speaking with just some of the dozens of GW alumni who work at 2U for the summer 2015 GW Magazine story “At 2U, Aiming To Disrupt the Learning Curve.”

There are a lot of talented, passionate alumni working at 2U, and I wish I could have printed everything they shared with me about their experiences at GW and this online education disruptor that has a distinct GW DNA. Below are a few highlights that we weren’t able to include in the original story.

A special thanks to all the GW alumni working at 2U who took the time to speak with me for this piece.

Gray Turner


2U_Matt Beck
Matt Beck


“There was something that just drew me to GW, and it is without question the best decision I ever made. I knew that things were going to work out because GW had prepared me to be a successful adult. I owe a large part of my success at 2U to my experiences at GW—the culture and environment there got me to where I am today.”

Matt Beck, CCAS BA ’10, 2U Senior Director of Business Operations Analysis


Hilary Swaim
Hilary Swaim

“I chose GW because of the Elliott School and the D.C. connections it offered. Looking back now, I realize I am where I am because of my GW connections and that common GW drive to make a difference.”

Hilary Swaim, ESIA BA ’11, 2U Vice President for Brand Marketing


Blair Gardner
Blair Gardner

“When you go to somewhere like GW, you’re going to make a lot of friends and learn a lot. These friends are going to become your co-workers and you will accomplish things you couldn’t imagine together.”

Blair Gardner, GWSB BBA ’10, MS ’11, 2U Director of Web Strategy



2U_Marietta Watts1
Marietta Watts

“Here at 2U, we are changing the face of online education on all levels. Online education provides students access to top-tier programs and universities that might not be in their area, allowing students to get degrees that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional campus setting.”

Marietta Watts, GSEHD MEd ’04, 2U Director of Compliance


Ed Goodwin
Ed Goodwin

“We’ve seen so much change and growth, seen so many different things happening. There’s still so much enthusiasm and hunger to accomplish our mission after all this success, it’s kind of amazing.”

Ed Goodwin, ESIA BA ’09, 2U Senior Director of Investor Relations


2U_Alexandra Sanne2
Alexandra Sanne

“One of the best parts of this job is being able to give someone a call to say ‘Hey, your life is going to change. You’re going to graduate school; you’re going to do what you dreamed of.’”

Alexandra Sanne, SEAS MS ’14, 2U Admissions Counselor





“I feel really blessed to have made the friends I did while at GW. They’re not my ‘GW friends,’ they’re my closest friends.”

Chip Paucek, CCAS BA ’92, 2U CEO & Co-Founder


“We’re still a young company, and there’s opportunity for folks to grow here. That opportunity to get in on the ground level and produce and grow seems to really appeal to the well-educated and driven alums that GW produces.”

Jason “JZ” Zocks, GWSB BBA ’92, 2U Regional Executive Vice President for Graduate Programs


“We’re all mission driven here; the goal isn’t just survival. We’re all in this boat together and rowing as hard as we can—we all have each other’s backs.”

Todd Glassman, GWSB BBA ’92, 2U General Counsel


“I think that GW has helped give its graduates a unique and mature world-view by surrounding them with people from all over the country and all over the world.”

Mark Mashaw, CCAS BA ’92, 2U Executive Vice President for Brand and Product Marketing

2U Executives: (L to R) Chip Paucek, BA '92; Jason "JZ" Zocks, BBA '92; Mark Mashaw, BA '92; and Todd Glassman, BBA '92
2U Executives: (L to R) Chip Paucek, BA ’92; Jason “JZ” Zocks, BBA ’92; Mark Mashaw, BA ’92; and Todd Glassman, BBA ’92

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