Alumni Valentines — Brian & Hannah

Brian and Hannah

Brian and Hannah

Two strangers sat (side-by-side, perhaps?) in Professor Denysenko’s comparative religion class during their freshman year at GW. But they didn’t actually meet until one was in law school and the other was a senior. As fate would have it, Brian Herman, CCAS BA ’10, JD ’13 and Hannah Ziegler, GWSPH BS ’11 were finally introduced to each other by mutual friends at the Front Page. Theirs was a cosmic alignment that apparently needed three years to percolate.

Despite their busy schedules—law school for Brian, pre-med for Hannah—they always made time for each other. They both think fondly on those hectic times and often like to reflect on how special they were. Brian was amazed that Hannah had never had Jumbo Slice before, and he still remembers that on the night they met, she rested her head on his shoulder. “It was a simple gesture,” he says. “But it meant a lot.”

On Brian and Hannah’s first date, they met in University Yard to walk to Luigi’s. (They both recall that it was a Wednesday night.) Hannah showed up in jeans and a sweater, and Brian was wearing a suit. Hannah still laughs about the mismatch.

Although their outfits didn’t match, the two of them certainly did. Their sunflower-themed wedding will take place in St. Pete Beach, Florida—near Hannah’s home town—this coming July. Friends from GW will be a part of the bridal party and the couple looks forward to celebrating their big day with other fellow alumni as well.

After graduating law school, Brian got a job in Jefferson City, Missouri—where they currently reside—and Hannah is on medical rotations at a local hospital. But they will never forget their early years at GW. Back then, they started traditions they still cherish, like the way Hannah used to get a cup of Hot Cinnamon Spice tea on her way to Brian’s apartment to hang out.

Now, Brian always makes sure Hannah is well stocked with her favorite tea.

—Mary Follin


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