Alumni Valentines — Brandon & Liz

Brandon and Liz
Brandon and Liz | photo credit: Elle Meredith Photography
Brandon and Liz | photo credit: Elle Meredith Photography

A bleeding foot and a broken finger. Romantic? You bet. Not long after Brandon Gillette, CCAS BS ’10 was introduced to Liz Moult, BBA ’09, they met up at McFadden’s where Brandon swept Lizoff her feet. “Literally,” Liz says. “My foot was bleeding and Brandon had to carry me back to the dorm.” Figuratively, too, since five more years of hanging out led to a marriage proposal in the spring of 2013.

“Brandon had planned a surprise trip to Cancun so he could propose to me on a secluded beach,” Liz recalls. “Then I broke my finger one week before the trip. Yup, my left-hand ring finger. I was playing basketball with my brothers and snapped my finger. It was swollen and throbbing when Brandon got down on one knee that Friday night, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Fortunately for Brandon and Liz—who got married on October 4th of last year—they’ve had many more good times than injuries. Brandon says he knew Liz was “the one” when they walked into GW Deli and Liz ordered two sausage/egg/cheese sandwiches and suggested they head back to the dorm to catch SportsCenter. Liz laughs at that one. “I knew the way to his heart,” she says. “I have three older brothers. I know the deal.”

Their wedding was a full-blown GW affair that took place in various locations throughout Foggy Bottom. They stayed at the GW Inn, and the ceremony was held at St. Stephen Martyr Church on Pennsylvania Avenue. The reception was on the rooftop terrace of 1957 E Street at The Elliot School of International Affairs. Afterwards, they all headed over to McFaddens.

“GW is what brought us together,” Liz says. “We have so many fond memories around campus. My favorite part of the day was walking from the church to take pictures in Kogan Plaza. Our entire wedding party, which included six GW alumni, strolled through campus in dresses and tuxedos. So many students stopped to congratulate us and take pictures.”

Last May, the couple built a home in Hanover, MD, where Brandon is a sales representative for Ryan Homes and Liz works for Lifetime Wealth Planning. Liz says, “We’ve spent the last six years changing together, from graduations to careers, and now a home of our own.”

When friends ask her what the secret is to their happy marriage, Liz describes it like this: “We are constantly putting each other first and putting our own needs aside to make the other person happy.” Brandon states it more simply. “I just like hanging out with her,” he says. “We have a lot of fun together. It’s easy to love her. It’s just a no-brainer with Liz.”

 —Mary Follin

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