2015 Alumni Valentines

It may be chilly here on the Foggy Bottom campus, but our hearts are warmed by these Colonial love stories! All of these Colonial couples have one thing in common — GW!

Got an alumni valentine to share? Email your story to cable@gwu.edu, or simply tell us your love story in the comments below! We’ll be updating this feature all February long.

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Dan and Kristen_thumb

Dan and Kristen

Joshua and Elissa

Joshua and Elissa

Brandon and Liz

Brandon and Liz

Brian and Hannah

Brian and Hannah

Danny and McKenzie

Danny and McKenzie

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  1. Tracey Palmer said:

    Tracey Palmer, BA ’86 and Tim Timmermann, BS ’86
    We knew each other since freshman orientation, but didn’t start dating until senior year, right around Valentine’s Day. We didn’t have a lot in common. I was a dancer; he was a rower. I was an American Lit major; he was in Environmental Science. For one of our first outings, he wanted to take me snow camping during March break. Luckily, I had the flu! I knew it was love when he made me chicken soup. We married four years later. Both from Massachusetts, we settled south of Boston, fixed up an antique house (turning 300 this year!), and had two awesome daughters. When we showed the girls last summer the elevator in the Marvin Center where “mom and dad had their first kiss.” They said “Ew!” Tim’s worked for the EPA for about 15 years. I’m a freelance writer. Some things never change!

  2. Juliette Balabanian said:

    My husband and I met in a graduate class on Eastern European History taught by Dr. Hugh Agnew – two of three people over the age of 22 out of about 25 students. Noris constantly organized post class pizza and drinks which I swapped out for taking the bus home after a long day at work and school. So, it seems he realized he needed to adjust his approach. He invited me out for appetizers at Friday’s. After turning him down thrice (!), I felt bad and conceded (mid October). He gave me his phone number ‘in case I ever needed anything.’ I did the same but I basically ignored him the rest of the semester. He called just upon my return from Christmas holiday and I leaped at the chance to go to the movie in piles of snow. HAAA!! That became the beginning of the new beginning! We’ll celebrate 20 years married at the end of May. Dr. Agnew, are you out there???

    • Hugh Agnew said:

      Juliette and Noris! How delightful to hear a bit more about what happened with you guys… As I recall, a key moment in the relationship came when I put on a record of Greek folk dance music at a post semester class party at our modest suburban split level home. The record was from my wife’s grandparents: her grandfather had been born in Smyrna/Izmir, where his father had been the founder of International College. Noris got up and ask you to stand and dance with him, and you did, to all our general delight! I’m so glad to hear you are still together and happily so, and would be glad to learn more about what’s up with you. All the best and Happy Valentine’s Day — Hugh Agnew

      • Juliette Balabanian said:

        We’d love to see you again! I have wondered about all our wonderful profs! We still have our copies of the Jelavich books which I fully intend to read one day before all the glaciers melt . Please feel free to contact us so we can get together! I’m sure your children are grown and wonderful. We must catch up! (301) 656-7781 (h).

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