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GW alumnae (left to right) Madeline Fraser, CCAS BA ’14, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Grover, CCAS BA ’14, and Beatrice Fischel-Bock, CCAS BA ’13.
GW alumnae (left to right) Madeline Fraser, CCAS BA ’14, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Grover, CCAS BA ’14, and Beatrice Fischel-Bock, CCAS BA ’13.

Three innovative GW alumnae are on track to make their own distinctive mark on the conceptual world of virtual interiordesign and décor.

Beatrice Fischel-Bock, CCAS BA ’13, Madeline Fraser, CCAS BA ’14, and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Grover, CCAS BA ’14, are the founders of ZOOM Interiors, an online design service geared toward working professionals and other millennials who want to decorate their living spaces at an affordable price. The three met in their very first class in the Interior Architecture & Design program at GW and, as a trio, they clicked – taking classes together, spending a summer abroad in England, and ultimately setting up their business while still in school.

ZOOM was launched in early 2013, and in July of that year Lizzie, Beatrice, and Madeline sat for an interview with GW Magazine to talk about their new company. At the time, they gave themselves two years “to see if it would work.”

Today, the results are in.  The three founders are now implementing a 10-year business plan that incorporates their goals of creating a unique interior design service and style brand that speaks the language of their generation.

The entire design process takes place online from start to finish.  It starts with a survey, a consultation, and visualizations via the ZOOMBoard.  Once your design is finalized, everything is ordered for you and it all arrives at your doorstep, along with easy-to-read floor plans.  ZOOM’s online shop carries an array of furniture and art pieces which can be purchased separately or in tandem with your design.  Co-founder and in-house artist Madeline also creates custom pieces for her clients upon request. She’s got her own art studio now, with examples accessible on the ZOOM website.

Part of what makes their innovative business so successful is what also makes it challenging.  As Madeline explains, “When we started the company, the idea of virtual interior design was a new concept. Developing a business model that hasn’t necessarily been done before is incredibly challenging.”

Photo courtesy Zoom Interiors.

In addition to maintaining their own blog and guest blogging for HuffPost Home, the three GW grads appear regularly on national television designing sets, talking DIY, and spreading the word about ZOOM. They recently launched a ZOOM ROOM makeover sweepstakes in partnership with Reader’s Digest, Hallmark, and Progressive.

As their business continues to take off, the founders of ZOOM do not forget their roots. “We have had many supportive and inspiring professors at GW who were there from the beginning,” Beatrice tells us. “And the GW community is so great! Everyone sticks together and is ready to collaborate and share advice.”

The ZOOM ladies hinted that ZOOM Interiors is poised to significantly up its game. What awesome business event is about to occur? “It’s got to be kept a secret for a little while longer,” says Lizzie. “But we’re dying to spill the beans!”

Laura Butera

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