Valentines: Danielle Fishman Koumoulis & Nick Koumoulis

Alumni couple Nick Koumalis and Danielle Fishman Koumalis recently welcomed a daughter into their family.

Alumni couple Nick Koumoulis and Danielle Fishman Koumoulis recently welcomed a daughter into their family.

Danielle Fishman Koumoulis CCAS BA ’07, and Nick Koumoulis, CCAS BA ’07, both lived in Thurston Hall freshman year, but didn’t meet until their sophomore year, during the first weekend back after summer break.

“We later learned that we were in the same small group at the first CI session in June 2003,” says Nick. Shortly thereafter, the rest was history.

After graduation, the couple spent three years dating long-distance—Danielle was in Los Angeles while Nick was in New York.

Those years of long-distance paid off, because in June 2012, Danielle and Nick were married. Today, you’ll find them both on the west coast, where the just celebrated their 9th Valentine’s Day together. They live in Los Angeles and just welcomed a baby girl named Addison Paige.

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