Valentines: Casey Pierzchala & Alex Winn

Alumni couple Casey Pierzchala and Alex Winn. (Photo: Courtesy of the couple)

Alex Winn, CCAS BA ’08, MPA ’11, and Casey Pierzchala, ESIA BA ’08, GWSB MBA ’11, make a strong case for the title of “Mr. and Mrs. Colonial” for the Class of 2008.

The couple started dating soon after they met as freshmen living in Somers Hall on GW’s Mount Vernon Campus. The accomplished duo also share similar career interests.

“We both developed an interest in energy and the environment mid-way through our undergrad programs,” explains Alex.  “GW provided us both an opportunity to work in the field and develop unique expertise that has since guided both of our careers.”

After graduation, Alex went on to earn his master’s degree in public administration from GW’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy.  For four years, he worked to help found and develop the GW Solar Institute, part of the Columbian College, with former director Ken Zweibel.

Since leaving the GW Solar Institute, Alex has been working at The Solar Foundation, a national research and education nonprofit, to help local governments across the country reduce local barriers to solar energy deployment.

During that time, Casey earned her MBA from GW’s School of Business and worked for GW’s Facilities Management Office.  There, she spent several years working with a team of colleagues in pursuit of GW’s relatively new mission of environmental sustainability. She has spent the last few years working in government consulting, focused mainly on energy management programs for federal agencies.

GW also provided the couple with the chance to create unique memories. “We both agree that travelling to Montreal with the International Affairs Society was an important part of our burgeoning relationship freshman year,” says Casey.

“One of my favorite GW memories is taking comparative politics and having to visit over a dozen embassies as part of the class,” adds Alex. “I like that I can now take visiting friends for a walk along Embassy Row and tell them about various details inside many of the beautiful, old embassies.”

“I loved eating Chinese food in the hallway of Somers with half of the other students from that hallway,” remembers Casey. “Dinner often turned into sauce packet fights!”

Today, Alex and Casey remain active in the GW community. During Alumni Weekend 2013, they helped host a gathering for the GW Alumni in Energy Association Executive Board (GWAEA).

Alex is also a GW campus liaison, while Casey is the events chair for the GWAEA board—both are working to help strengthen the international community of GW alumni who work in the energy sector.

Alex and Casey are also busy with one other thing—planning their wedding. On May 11, 2013, the couple got engaged after Alex proposed on a rocky cliff in Shenandoah National Park.

They’re also excited about becoming homeowners—the pair just purchased a house in Alexandria, VA and are excited to move in later this month!

–Rudy Rodas, GWSB BBA ’08

The original version of this story appeared on GW Alumni News on Aug. 24, 2013.

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