Valentines: Camille & John Glotzbecker

Alumni couple John and Camille Glotzbecker on their wedding day.

Alumni couple John and Camille Glotzbecker on their wedding day in 2013.

“Fairytales may not be common in today’s world,” says Camille Glotzbecker, SPHHS BS ’07, who met her husband, John Glotzbecker, CCAS BA ‘07, at GW, “but we were lucky to share a storybook romance.”

That story began as a friendship between lab partners. Soon, small talk about parties in Thurston Hall and dreams of the future drama blossomed into a true friendship.

Camille grew up in Queens, NY and John hails from Saratoga Springs, NY. “Whether it’s the city versus suburbs, Wu Tang versus Pearl Jam, basketball versus hockey,” says Camille, “Our worlds couldn’t have been any more different.”

But they found common ground in the way they were raised—they shared the same type of commitment to their families and admired each other’s ambition for success.

Camille and John went on their first date on Valentine’s Day of 2004, and shared their first kiss on April 10, 2004—Camille’s first kiss ever. They’ve been together ever since.

After graduating in 2007, Camille and John went on to pursue their careers in New York City. John, an economics major, is now a mergers and acquisitions investment banker. Camille, who majored in public health is an administrative director at a NYC hospital. The couple got married on June 22, 2013 at Water’s Edge in Long Island City, NY and recently purchased their first house in New Hyde Park, NY.

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