“Our First Game in Many Years: What a Blast!”

Left to right: Big George poses with Jeff Grieco (seated), Suzie Grieco, Errin Matechak and Jason Matechak.
Left to right: Big George posed with Jeff Grieco, ’82 (seated), Suzie Grieco, ’94, Errin Matechak, ’98 and Jason Matechak at the GW vs. Duquesne game on February 5.

On Wednesday, Feb. 5, a group of GW alumni took the chance to Raise High and support the Colonials by attending their first basketball game in years.

It was good timing—not only was it a “Dollar Dog Night,” but the Colonials took down Duquesne with a 71-57 victory.

“What a blast!” said Jeffrey Grieco, ESIA BA ’82. Attending his first Colonials game since graduating in 1982 allowed Jeff to revisit campus and relive his undergrad memories. “It was great to see Madison Hall intact after all these years,” he said.

Also in attendance was Jeff’s wife, Suzie Grieco, GWSB MBA ’94, who was thrilled by the school spirit. “The cheerleaders and dancers…wow!” she said.

Errin Matechak, CCAS MS ’98 and her husband Jason Matechak joined the Griecos at the game. Jason had purchased the tickets as a holiday surprise—and it worked.

“This was so much fun,” Errin said, “and we beat Duquesne bad. Go Colonials!”

–Thanks so much for to the Griecos and Matechaks for sharing their story! Stay tuned for more basketball highlights from Homecoming 2014!

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