Alumna to Receive “Women in Manufacturing” Award

Rebecca Taylor, ESIA BA ’87

Rebecca (Racosky) Taylor, ESIA BA ’87, will receive a 2014 Women in Manufacturing STEP Ahead Award from The Manufacturing Institute, the 501(c)(3) affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers.

The award celebrates the outstanding science, technology, engineering, and production contributions of women in the manufacturing sector.

Taylor, senior vice president at the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), will join a select group of women whose outstanding influence in manufacturing promote the role of women in industry.

Beginning her career with the U.S. Department of Commerce, Taylor gained on-the-job expertise in industry, economics, and political issues associated with manufacturing. She joined NCMS in 1991, where she liaises with elected officials, government leadership, manufacturing stakeholders and commercial interests, providing the public face for the NCMS mission.

Taylor is also an avid supporter of professional women, and was selected to join the International Women’s Forum in 2010. Throughout her career she has mentored and advised women in manufacturing and business, and continues to do so today.

“I’m honored by this award,” said Taylor. “[M]anufacturing is about to enter a new age. It’s stronger because women and men alike are finding a place in it. And it will flourish because we are all stepping up to strengthen education, to encourage young people to never give up their passion for building and creating. Everything I see on the horizon is so exciting to me.”

The Manufacturing Institute will recognize the STEP Award recipients at an event in Washington, DC on Feb. 6. The awards program will highlight each honoree’s story, including their leadership and accomplishments in manufacturing.

“These women are the faces of exciting careers in manufacturing,” said Jennifer McNelly, president of The Manufacturing Institute. “Each made significant achievements in manufacturing through positive impact on their company and the industry as a whole.”

–Congratulations to Rebecca Taylor on this recognition! To learn more about Taylor and the STEP award, visit NCMS’s site.

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