Words of Wisdom from Alumni Reunion Volunteers

Alyscia Eisen (top) and Megan Haydel (bottom) helped plan the Class of 2008 5-Year Reunion.

Every year, GW’s Alumni Weekend comes together thanks to a network of alumni reunion volunteers. These volunteers work closely with the Office of Alumni Relations all year to help plan for and design their class reunion celebrations

Some volunteers are in DC, while others are spread out across the US — no matter their location, all of them are dedicated to supporting the success of Alumni Weekend, and providing a unique chance for their classmates to reconnect.

To find out what goes into the planning process, we caught up with Alyscia Eisen, GWSB BBA ’08, MBA ’10, and Megan Haydel, CCAS BA ’08, who helped plan the class of 2008’s 5-Year Reunion:

GW: What made you want to become a reunion committee volunteer?

AE: I got involved with my planning committee because my peers were getting involved.  It energized me to know that so many people from my class had a vested interest in the success of our reunion.

MH: Around the winter holidays last year, I got an email that asked for reunion committee volunteers. In the spirit of the holidays, I thought it would be a good way to give back to the GW community!

GW: What was the most rewarding part of the planning process?

AE: The result!  It was rewarding to see my class come back to campus and have it feel like coming home.

MH: To be a part of a team that pulled an event together that so many people enjoyed was awesome! I worked on the Event Planning Committee for the 5 year reunion, so seeing everyone enjoying themselves and reconnecting at Sequoia was definitely the most rewarding part.

GW: What advice do you have for next year’s volunteers?

AE: To enjoy the process of gearing up for a reunion, and to not over-engineer anything.  Word of mouth is the best way to get people back to campus; no amount of social media or formalized outreach can beat picking up the phone and reaching out to old friends.  It is good for the soul too!

MH: It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with your fellow alumni, and was a great event in general! The Alumni Relations team goes above and beyond to plan an outstanding weekend for all the alumni and this is your opportunity to be a part of it!

GW: What are the top three reasons you think alumni should attend a reunion?

AE: I have worked for GW since I graduated five years ago, so coming back to campus is something I take for granted.  At the reunion I found myself surprised to feel like an alumna and not a staff member.  It is such a special feeling to be GW alumnus/a!  Come back to campus to be part of this special community.  Come back to campus to touch home base and reflect on how much you have achieved in such a short span of time.  Come back to campus to see George and rub that hippo for a little extra luck between now and the next reunion!

MH: 1) Reconnecting and Reminiscing; 2) Seeing all the amazing changes and additions to the Foggy Bottom campus was impressive!; 3) Great Events! This year, Cyndi Lauper performed at the kickoff concert, and the annual Taste of GW festival features GW alumni-owned-or-operated restaurants who offer their food!

Thanks to Alyscia and Megan for all their hard work, and for sharing these tips! Becoming a member of a reunion planning committee is a great way to get involved with the alumni community. To learn more, contact Stephanie Medwid: smedwid@gwu.edu

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