Class of ’08 Spotlight: Amy Nane, Contract Background Investigator

Amy Nane
Amy Nane

Alumni Weekend is just days away and we’re gearing up for this year’s class reunions! Find out what this class of 2008 alumna has been up to, and why she’s excited to come back to campus for her 5-year reunion:

For the past two years Amy Nane, CCAS BA ’08, has worked as a contract background investigator. Each day, she meets with people at all levels of the federal government and learns about their life stories through field interviews.

Her work assists the Office of Personnel Management grant security clearance and informs federal investigations.  “I am proud to do my part in protecting national security on a daily basis,” she says.

Shortly after completing her undergraduate studies at GW, Amy worked for a Georgetown restaurant as a bartender for a few years.

When recalling her days on campus, Amy remembers fondly her time as a staff member with GW’s Student Activities Center and says those experiences as her most memorable. “To this day I value the professional development [they gave me],” she reflects.

As a staffer in the Student Activities Center, member of the 2006 Colonial Cabinet and director of the Emerging Leaders Program, Amy worked with senior university leaders throughout her time at GW. Amy credits these activities for helping her develop the professionalism and polish that makes investigative interviews a bit easier. “Those experiences prepared me for interacting with high level officials during my investigations,” she explains.

When she arrived on campus as a freshman, Amy did advance volunteer work preparing for the 2005 Presidential Inauguration. “Being from a small town, I couldn’t help but think, this is really an ‘only at GW’ moment,” she says.

A few years later, Amy experienced that same only-at-GW-moment as she celebrated commencement on the National Mall.

Amy’s excited to reconnect with classmates at Saturday’s Class of 2008 reunion. She plans to make a stop at a favorite campus coffee shop – Gelman Starbucks. “It saved me during many late nights study sessions!”

-Kelly Leon, CCAS BA ’08, MA ’10

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