GW Trio Launch Interior Design Firm

Left to right: Alumnae Elizabeth Grover, Madeline Fraser, Beatrice Fischel-Bock. (Photo: Courtesy ZOOM Interiors)
Left to right: Alumnae Elizabeth Grover, Madeline Fraser and Beatrice Fischel-Bock are the founders of ZOOM Interiors, LLC. (Photo: Courtesy ZOOM Interiors)

Have you ever wanted to redesign a room, but felt you couldn’t afford to hire a designer? Meet three Colonials who beg to differ—and who started their own interior design firm to prove it.

Beatrice Fischel-Bock, CCAS BA ’13, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Grover, CCAS BA ’13, and Madeline Fraser, CCAS BA ’14, met in an architectural drafting class at GW—the first course in their shared interior design major.

After taking several classes together and studying abroad in London as a trio, they hatched the idea to form their own business.  In February 2013, ZOOM Interiors was born.

The company, which is geared towards college students and young professionals, is a time efficient and cost effective design service.  ZOOM puts together and decorates spaces for clients in a short amount of time, while keeping the budget affordable.

“People don’t realize how inexpensive interior design can be—we want to make it accessible to everybody, no matter their budget,” says Lizzie.

ZOOM clients first fill out an online survey, which helps the designers gauge each client’s particular style and plot out design ideas. Once the design is finalized, ZOOM purchases everything online, and schedules a delivery date.  The entire process takes three to four weeks.

If clients are located in DC or Philadelphia, ZOOM also provides the installation.  For those in other cities, the products are shipped with a step-by-step installation guide tailored to the clients’ space.

“There is nothing out there that provides this kind of service at our speed, prices and ease,” says Beatrice.

ZOOM is dedicated to finding their clients the best deals while making the design process as simple as a few clicks.

“We’re unique because we customize furniture, form one-of-a-kind installations, and create custom art for the spaces, all on a reasonable budget,” Madeline explains.  “I am a painter and a sculptor, and will make works of art specifically to fit the client’s space.

The three women had different paths to GW—Lizzie transferred to pursue interior design in a big city, Madeline received a Presidential Scholars in the Arts Scholarship, and Beatrice was drawn to GW’s location and DC’s unique blend of culture, arts and design.

But all three say the university provided a great pathway for becoming entrepreneurs.

“Because of the GW interior design program and professors, we felt prepared and well-versed in the interior design field,” says Lizzie.  “Between the faculty support, our well-rounded liberal arts education and experience abroad, we were inspired to try something new in design!”

While Beatrice, Lizzie and Madeline acknowledge that the entrepreneurial path can be challenging, they all love working towards big goals.

“We hope to make ZOOM a service that is synonymous with moving into your first apartment or dorm—no matter where you live,” says Beatrice.

ZOOM also hopes to offer budget friendly furniture and an art line.

As they grow their business, the trio values working as a team and sharing their talents.

“We all truly love to do this kind of work—and to be able to make a business out of our passion is incredible!” says Beatrice.

For more information on ZOOM Interiors, visit:  And don’t miss the feature on ZOOM in The Washington Post!


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