This Summer, Take GW Out to the Ball Game!

George hangs out at a 2011 Atlanta Braves game

George hangs out at a 2011 Atlanta Braves game

As summer approaches, major league baseball stadiums throughout the US fill up with fans who are excited to enjoy a night outside with America’s favorite pastime.

Among those fans are thousands of GW alumni, in cities all across the country, who gather to watch games together and mingle.

For several years, GW has hosted alumni gatherings at numerous ball games throughout the baseball season. These events give alumni a chance to meet fellow Colonials in their city, or enjoy a night out with old friends.

GW hosts baseball games throughout the country, from DC to NY to Denver to San Diego and Los Angeles.

Colonials gather at a 2011 Miami Marlins game

Colonials gather at a 2011 Miami Marlins game

A reception usually takes place before the game, either at the ballpark or at a favorite local spot nearby. Guests can catch up, get acquainted or compare notes about their days as GW students.

Once it’s time for the first pitch, the group sits together during the game to cheer on their team.

A favorite among alumni, the program is popular among a variety of age groups. Nearly every game hosted by GW sells out.

Many 2013 baseball events are now open for registration, and the fun will continue through September.

Supporting the Chicago White Sox in 2012

Supporting the Chicago White Sox in 2012

Sharing these games is just one more way for alumni to stay connected after they leave GW! To find out if there’s a game in your city, check out the events calendar.


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  1. Bob Lavigna said:

    With this big build up I expected more than the four major league games listed on the schedule. Are there any activities for GW alums in Wisconsin, where I live?
    Bob Lavigna ’74

    • Melissa Nyman, GW Alumni Staff said:

      Hi Bob,

      We will be posting more games to the schedule throughout the summer. Our staff member, Kate Schuster, manages regional networks in the Midwest, and she would be happy to speak to you about alumni activities — I will send her contact information to you via email.

      Thank you!

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