GW Student First in Line to Hear DOMA Ruling

Abenstein, right, at the Supreme Court on June 26

Carly Abenstein SMPA BA ‘16, didn’t know how the highest court in the country would rule on the Defense of Marriage Act, but she knew she was going to be in the room when they did.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness history being made,” Abenstein said in an email.

After her summer class at the School of Media and Public Affairs, Abenstein rushed to the court on Tuesday afternoon.  She was the first person in line. She would see history made.

After waiting an exhausting 18 hours, one of which was filled with what she calls a “torrential downpour,” Carly was led into the courtroom with others who had waited in line all night.

Abenstein would experience Justice Kennedy read the majority opinion in United States v. Windsor, and then celebrate with her friends from GW, and new friends she met in line while waiting.

Abenstein said that the experience was one that could only happen at GW.

“There is no question as to why I’m at GW, why I’m studying political communication, and why hearing the decision read in the courtroom this morning was well worth the wait. There is no feeling like knowing you witnessed history being made,” Abenstein said.

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