“An Extraordinary Day”: Alumni React to DOMA Ruling

The Defense of Marriage Act ruling on June 26th was a historic day for the country—and many Colonials shared their feelings with us on Facebook and via email.

Members of the GW LGBT Alumni Association, who work hard to celebrate and promote the GW LGBT community, also shared their reactions to this monumental day:

Morgan Corr, CCAS BA ’07, who is also a member of the GW Alumni Association Board of Directors, was at the Supreme Court to hear the ruling:

“Exactly 10 years ago today I was visiting GW with my parents and got the last tickets to be in the audience for CNN’s “Crossfire”, where we learned that Lawrence v. Texas had just been handed down. That was my first “only at GW” moment and the first affirming victory I witnessed for gay rights – my rights.

Today I had the chance to stand on the steps of the Supreme Court with some of my closest friends, all of whom I met at GW, to see the next big quantum leap in the struggle for equality. What was unthinkable 10 years ago became the law of the land today. It was an extremely moving experience to share with my friends and a crowd of supporters.”

Michael R. Komo, CCAS BA ’11, GSPM MS ’12, a current student at GW Law,  recently received a “Next Generation Award” by Metro Weekly for his contributions to the LGBT community:

“On the tenth anniversary of Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court has yet again moved our nation further toward equality for all Americans by striking down the unconstitutional DOMA.  Today marks a monumental victory for the LGBT rights movement.

Congratulations to all of our students and alumni who have worked so diligently to advocate for LGBT equality and to those members of the GW family who now have their marriages recognized by the federal government.  No longer will same-sex couples be treated as second-class citizens in 13 states and DC by the federal government.

I could not be prouder being a GW student and two-time alumnus working as a legal intern at Lambda Legal in Los Angeles this summer doing everything I can to help achieve full equality for everyone.  Today, we celebrate a remarkable victory.  Tomorrow, we continue advocating for full equality.”

Jon Tollefson, ESIA BA ’05 & MA ’08, is also a member of the GW Alumni Association Board of Directors:

“This was an extraordinary day.  My home state of Minnesota passed marriage equality one month ago, and now the Federal Government will recognize them.  I decided several years ago that I would not get married until my state, the Federal Government, and my church would recognize it.  As of today, all three are true.  I am so thrilled to be recognized by my community as a full member.  What a day, what a year this has been.”

Congratulations to the entire GW LGBT community and its supporters!  To learn more about the GW LGBT Alumni Association, visit their website: alumni.gwu.edu/lgbt-alumni-association

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