I Had Dinner with GW Alumni – in Seoul!

Alix Cohen, SEAS BS ’15, recently took part in the Dinner with Alumni program while studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea.

Last weekend, I was selected for dinner with GW alumni reception dinner for Seoul. GW offers these dinner internationally and domestically where generous alumni of the university host dinners for students.

We were graciously invited into the home of US Army Major Jeffrey Fair, a 1997 graduate of Elliot School of International Affair’s home for a home-cooked meal. He and his wife made us the most magnificent, and perfect “American” meal.

Typically, with Dinner with Alumni, the alumnus would bring the students out to a fancy meal in the area that they were studying. However, being in an Asian city where American food is scarce, I was fortunate enough to experience my very first home cooked meal in three months!!! The best part?? I WAS ABLE TO SEE AND USE A KNIFE WITH MY MEAL! It’s the little things, right???


The menu consisted of broccoli, caesar salad, steak, baked ziti, garlic bread, and chocolate mouse and strawberry short cake for dessert!!

It was the best way to connect to someone who has a similar “GW experience” along with being able to speak English comfortably. Additionally, an added bonus to this fabulous, perfect dinner was how safe and secure I felt afterwards. Although the North Korean drama has wound down a bit since the news a month ago, hearing the perspective of the war from a high-ranking US Army official who was blunt and honest was extremely calming and comforting. Working with Intel  he knew firsthand how much information the US is able to receive from our neighboring countries and it was very reassuring to know how many behind-the-scene precautions are taken every single day.

The Major’s apartment is located downtown. Therefore, after dinner we decided to venture over to Seoul Namsan Tower to experience the city by night. However, walking up this treacherous hill at night in heels made it not the brightest idea.


I love GW and I LOVE  SEOUL! More and more every single day I appreciate both exponentially more!

You can keep up with all of Alix’s adventures in Seoul by following her blog, “Girl Gone Gangnam,” from which this post was adapted.

For more information on hosting a dinner abroad or in the US, click here!

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